Thursday, 4 May 2017

Email Newsletters service in Cochin

Email Newsletters

Grabstance provides a comprehensive facility for building a list of contacts and then generating newsletters to them.

Simply tick the box Registration on the Alter Web Site details page.

This provides the menu item Register which invites users to enter their details.

The Registration form can be editted making fields Optional, Mandatory or Not Shown. You can enter your Privacy Statement and your Heading Script.

A sample Newsletter

You can also create a Landing Page - a page you want this person to come back to.

When a user completes the form the Administrator is sent all the details.

The user is also sent an email (copied to administration) inviting them to confirm their email address. This is to ensure that a valid email address has been entered.

When the user clicks on the link the database is updated with the date/time stamp to confirm the email has been received and responded to. This process is known as Double Opt-In and is a practice widely recommended by authoritative marketing organisations and complies with NZ law (Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act).

Your list of Contacts can be editted by you and they can be classified into 9 categories - you can give the categories names. The classic marketing names are Suspects, Prospects, Customers, Clients and Advocates. This allows you to send emails selectively to different registrants.

Now that you have a list of Contacts you may email them.

Firstly create a page marked Email in Page Properties.

Write whatever you want. A template will be used which can have your usual menu on the left and can have a Table of Contacts.

You then go to Registrants and create the email header - you can include FirstName and LastName.

You can also ask a question which can have exactly 2 answers Yes or No.

Your emails go out without disclosing email addresses to other users. They can reply and the replies are recorded in the database.

You can see the results by selecting the .csv option.

If a landing page was set up using WebStats you can see exactly how many people used that page to access the site.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.